To Travel… Viajar…

When you travel “… you’re not there to change things, you’re there to change yourself.”

Cuando viajas “… no estás ahí para cambiar las cosas, estás ahí para cambiar tú mismo.”(Para Español  da click  aquí)

To travel is one of my passions. I started traveling as everyone, on family vacations but it was after my first alone business trip back in 2010 that my idea changed completely.  This is why I studied tourism and also because I love languages, so now I will mix both with this first blog in two languages (soon four haha, hoping to reach the entire world).

Traveling for business and for leisure is completely different and now eith the new «bleisure*» tendency it’s all getting better. Some may think that if you travel for business they are paying you vacations, but not really; the truth is that you’re usually locked in one hotel or convention center, with a tight agenda, running all over a foreign city trying to be on time to every social event to do «networking». And for us ladies, usually means in heels, with great makeup and hair and even sometimes in skirts or dresses… glamour!

Nevertheless,  what I love the most is to get immerse in the destination. I’m a smart ass in this. I love studying the destination before I arrive; and of course internet makes everything easy, I look into: pinterest, YouTube, TBO (Tourism Board Offices) webs, look for famous characters or authors, I do My Google Map to locate interisting spots to visit and I bring it with me on my journey as my travel guide, and sometimes, I even do an itinerary on excel. I book my flights, hotels and some local trasnportations; I call hotels and ask for tips to concierge and front dest. Anyway, I’m my own travel agency and sometimes concierge for some friends.

A friend taught me how to travel light and now I’m perfecting it. I travel with a carry on only, without check in luggage (even if it is to Japan or for 10 days or more), and I usually take three pairs of shoes (yes, they do fit; and no, I don’t wear the same outfit every day). Soon I will start giving tips and if someone likes to be help plan their next vacations let me know, I might be your next travel agency.



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